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Residential LED Lighting | Simpsonville

Texture Is One of Lights Best Friends

There is a method to our approach when it comes to residential decorative lighting with LED’s. Without revealing all of our secrets, one of our focuses is to spotlight different textures which are hidden at night. This is where bringing light into the darkness, which is both our mission statement and purpose in life, can really come alive.

It really does not matter what materials your home is composed of , we can and will bring it to life. Brick and stone with their grout lines, vinyl and even hardy board  when properly illuminated can be visually stunning.

With this residential LED lighting project, we installed (10) 80 degree LED flood lights for the lower elevation, a few in ground LED well lights to enhance the side of he home, followed by (2) 40 degree spots for the peaks of the home.

This house looks stunning!

You will be surprised how affordable LED lighting to accent your home is. For a no cost site inspection, give us a call at 864.466.9045 or click the Request A Quote Button below.