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LED Lighting Update | Unclaimed Furniture

Unclaimed Furniture LED Lighting Update

An LED Lighting Update just might be what your building or office is ready for.

How many first impressions do you get? It’s not a trick question, only one. But, what if….? What if you are missing your first impression altogether? What if you have prospects or potential clients driving by your business location after dusk, and they cannot even see your sign or building?

This was the case with Unclaimed Furniture a local retail landmark with freeway frontage on Interstate 85, just east of Hwy 101 in Spartanburg. With 1000’s shoppers and prospects driving by daily it is hard to miss their store during the daylight hours. However, during a recent inspection and upgrade of their interior warehouse lighting, our team was able to help the owners realize the missed opportunities for those that drive by in the evening hours.

Updating the primary signage with energy efficient LED lighting spot lights instantly increased visibility and significantly increased the number of prospects for their location.

There is a saying in the sign business… A business with no sign, is the sign of no business.

Can your office or commercial building benefit from an LED Lighting Update and being seen better after hours?
Contact Us for a no cost consultation and discover how We Are The Light can enhance and elevate your business, even when you are not there.

LED Lighting Updates can bring great benefits to interior lighting, exterior lights, warehouse lighting and many other areas. Check out some of our latest commercial and retail LED Lighting Updates.