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Outdoor Lighting

Elevate Your Backyard with Outdoor Lighting

Spring has sprung and the warm weather is rapidly approaching, this all means more time outside. Many people will be spending more time in their backyard and outdoor entertainment areas. Entertaining outside is very relaxing when you have water features like a fountain, pond or waterfall. So what is the best way to elevate those features at night? Well thought out landscape lighting is what brings everything together. Outdoor light begins to set the mood, enhancing those features. So what are the first steps to making the most of your backyard and outdoor living space?

Not all LED lighting fixtures are created equal. From spotlighting the bark on a tall pine tree to showcasing a water feature. Be sure you are choosing the right products. There are several different things to consider and there are a wide range of different fixtures. When illuminating a water feature, construction of the fixture and proper wattage are very important. We Are The Light of Greenville uses solid cast brass fixtures so that you can be sure the fixtures will last, and sustain in the heat of the South.

Outdoor Lighting

As you consider the mood you are looking to set, one of the other considerations is color tone, warm or cool? If you looking to create a relaxing atmosphere, you will want something with a lower wattage and probably a warm white light. But, nothing blinding, glaring or reflecting… It is all in how and where we place the fixtures. Our lighting design professional will meet with you one on one in the day or in the evening. Imagine being able to see what your home will look light with the different options as we bring your home into the light.

You focus on the ambiance and simultaneously we also be looking to increase security of your home with your new outdoor lighting.