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Pathway Lighting For Your Home

Pathway lighting is a great introduction into the world of landscape lighting. With the front of your home being the first impression, pathway lighting invites visitors, while simultaneously promoting safety and security.

Pathway lights come in a variety of shapes sizes and finishes, offering additional curb appeal to your home. We Are The Light’s most popular fixture is made with is cast brass, which is one of the most durable materials. The internal LED bulbs come in a variety of color temps, from warm white to bright or daylight. The way it is measured is with a color range with most people opting for 2k-3k color range, which casts a warm inviting look. Ideal light level is between 100-200 lumens , depending on your taste. Pathway lights are often spaced between 3-6 feet apart deepening on the height of the fixture. The designers at We Are The Light typically space our fixtures out at 4 feet apart to be sure there is no shadowing.

Pathway Lighting Options
Solar Pathway Lighting is the least expensive option up front and offers an easy install and quick results. So what are the cons to the solar options? Not nearly as reliable, often losing energy early into the evening. When there is a lack of sun or heavy clouds, they will not capture enough energy to perform well. We Are The Light does not have a solar lighting option currently because of these items.


Wired Pathway Lighting enjoys the greatest look and feel and has many options. Many available that will work well with every style of home. With a constant source of energy efficient low voltage transformer the performance is outstanding, providing a constant and consistent secure lighting source. The cons are few, including a greater investment up front, but will last significantly longer. They also come with a fantastic Care Free Maintenance Program called Day One Every Day, available only at We Are The Light.