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Elevate Your Update with Outdoor Lighting

For the last couple of years the real estate market has been on fire! Most everyone has been engaged with either buying, selling or updating and upgrading their house. Now that the dust is settling a bit, people are now looking to dial things in. How so you ask?

Elevate Your Update with Outdoor Lighting

A few years ago one of our clients in Simpsonville, SC purchased a home and called on We Are The Light to illuminate and secure their investment. One of our outdoor lighting designers worked with them to accent and enhance certain features on their home.

After a couple years in the home, they recently focused on their backyard and installed a pool and built in pergola. They did it right in so many ways. What was missing? They could not see much of what they had added at night.

One call to the Lighting Designers at We Are The Light to elevate your update with outdoor lighting.

  • Two sconces on the pergola showcased the beams and rock work.
  • Eight modern pathway lights w/360 illumination that cast light on both the pathway and beds.
  • Four spotlights that became outdoor artwork by showcasing the pine tree trunks.
  • Four deck mounted fixtures provided the needed security to be able to step down the stairs into their evening retreat area.

A little outdoor lighting can go a long way. What many miss, is the correct fixture in the right place. That is why working with a professional is so important. Especially when you are looking to Elevate Your Update with Outdoor Lighting.

Are you ready to elevate your update? Trust the pros at We Are The Light. This is what we do all year long. All day, everyday.

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